And the truth will set us free !


This photo was taken a few months ago in Nanaimo, B.C. at Elizabeth’s artisan booth by the harbor. My Father was still alive and in the hospital. I thought I was there to get to know him, and I did. A few months later, I returned to the island to release his ashes at sea. I let him go in the waves by the old Wikinninish Inn where we lived for awhile in a little shack on the beach.

When I returned home to Alberta, something still didn’t feel right. Back and forth to the island, and yet my mission was terribly incomplete. But then things started to accelerate. Spirit brought a very kind man named Jose to dotmedia.ning and he shared a video of people around the world saying, “I love you.” At that moment, I felt as if the entire world had heard ancient cries and was responding in the most tremendous love … and there had to be an important reason for this.

Through following the work of Greg Giles and a trail of clues given to me by the Magi, I began to discover connections to my birthday – April 15 – the expressions and pictures that have been presented through the elements – clouds – fire – rocks – everywhere – were as if painted in the skies directly by the hand of great painters such as Leonardo da Vinci also born on April 15. Just as this was happening, Jose shared the story of Princess Diana on dot, and I saw that Dodi Fayed too was born on April 15. I have always been close to the stories of Lady Diana and Mother Teresa.  More connections and coincidences. Another trail leading to churches and governments and officials in all areas involved in huge cove-ups. .. and always children involved!

A few days ago, I was all jumbled and frustrated with following this endless ancestry trail that showed me how many private anonymous babies had been born. I didn’t quite get what this meant. I had found through researching other people’s names alongside my own –  an unbelievably huge trail of “anonymous” baby names from single families. Sometimes, one family would show dozens of babies listed as “private” in archives. Still, I wasn’t sure what I was to do with this. But then everything changed ! WOW !

Two days ago, I was sitting here at this beautiful window looking at all the memorabilia and my father’s things around me when suddenly I picked up my baby book from 49 years ago. As I did, a silver plate fell out with my name, a doctor’s name and an id#. When I googled the name & number and “Port Alberni” I was lead instantly to the story of a woman named Virginia whose ID was close to mine. This lead directly to the work of Reverend Kevin Annett who is in the midst of uncovering the stories of thousands of Aboriginal children missing, killed, tortured & abused. You can follow the story directly on a dot blog from the other day:

Everything now is different! All those years I was running around playing in fields and with the animals, these little children were being hurt in homes and schools all around me. I always wondered why we couldn’t play together … why they didn’t seem to like me. How could we have known the little children were being tossed about, raped, buried, burned, prodded like cattle ! SUDDENLY KNOW why the cows and horses and all of the animals have been expressing themselves in the skies … birds and hawks and eagles trying so hard to get the attention of rebel’s lens … hoping for one photo and writing that maybe would help this tale be told.

GUESS WHAT? I am going to spend the rest of my life remembering who I am and why I am here. I know there is a reason I had years of terrors of burials and babies … I thought maybe I had done something wrong in a past life. And maybe so. But now, it is time to right all wrongs! Now the work on this end begins! 

This writing is happening quickly now so please forgive the unpolish. What I feel compelled to say is something the Magi told me. We are uncovering horrific stories now, and this is a time for humanity to come together as ONE and handle these truths with great dignity and grace. It’s not the walls of churches that are bad – billions of prayers given by people around the world from within the churches that were given with beautiful, pure intentions  – it’s that we fell asleep and let SYSTEMS take over. When this happened, no one was watching, We gave away our FREE WILL! By being “aloof” or “turning the other cheek” we gave away OUR CHILDREN. We permitted officials to come into homes and take babies from young girls. We permitted little boys to be abused in their sleep, simply by saying NOTHING. 




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