Love Manifesting

Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission


West coast is being haarped… the violet flame is as useful today as it was yesterday…

Use this invocation… substitute the place for the latest place that needs the violet flame…

Invocation for Divine Intervention

for our Brothers and Sisters on affected by Hurricane Sandy

Repeat for at least 15 minutes as many times per day as is possible for you to do. Visualize as you do this, the Violet Flame permeating the Hurricane Sandy and areas affected. Please continue this each and every day as guided through your heart flame.

Beloved I AM Presence of all humankind,Infinite Mighty I AM Presence from the Great Central Sun,All Great Cosmic Beings and Legions of Light, All Ascended Masters, and All Angelic Host, Lady Althea and your Legions of Angels, the Universal Energy Medical Teams, the Acturian Healers, and all the Galactic Healers.

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