~ Hathor ~

~ Hathor ~

It has taken so long to get this far … the trail becomes jumbled when I immerse myself inside the wheel of remembering while in the midst of disseminating mountains of chaotic information. I imagine a world where violence no longer exists. We do not hunt and we do not fish. We do not hurt flies or step on ants or shoot animals. We do not break boughs off of trees or break hearts through our words. I imagine joy and merriment, laughter, dance, music and love. This is what I’ve learned from seeing through this looking glass and reviewing what is important. I see too a world where we live, beginning now, through our highest self where compassion is our lens of sight. I imagine a world transparent, where what we see is what is and where trust is a given and not ever a guess. In this place, our animals walk as one with us, never having to second-guess our intentions or actions. I AM stillness, quiet, peace … I AM LOVE.


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