The Shift of Time and Energy!

There are days, like yesterday, I don’t know if I am coming, going, or just gonna lay down and be flat-out.  I do believe, yesterday, I was all three at once!!  The field itself was on lock down!  Of all the days during this acceleration point, I really anticipated the 23rd itself to be a day of no readings, yet the readings on the 23rd were like peering into Heaven and actually getting a little meat on the bone for dinner (sorry, don’t know how to come up with an analogy that is vegetable/vegetarian oriented.)  But before I get to the readings/information from the 23rd, I gotta share the tail end of a conversation I had yesterday.

So many people are very focused on meeting their Divine Counterpart, some, to the point of being their soul focal point.  I know we are all chomping at the bit to get this part…

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