The Shift of Time and Energy!

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I have had several people ask lately if I think we are going to “feel” the shift.  Not like in the body hazards, but in the expansion awareness   Until this, these last two days, my usual reply is I really don’t know, but would like to think so.  I am going to change my stance on that and say… absolutely.  Not so much in the mundane aspect of life, the spiritual energy, the spiritual attributes that are available for use for ALL who desire to step out of limitations… absolutely, because I already am.  It took me a couple of days to really understand how it changed…

I also realized, as I contemplated all of yesterday this miraculous expansion into understanding and seeing… for me to utilize my own “upgrades” I must also hit those who have gone thru a raise in the vibrational aspect to unlock the information available.  Remember, this (ascension) has always been a…

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The Shift of Time and Energy!


I do believe we are getting ready for take off.  Of course, it would have to be a take off thru the easy bake oven first (giggle.)  Sorry, woke up silly.

It took me a bit… again, to really understand what we were really seeing yesterday.    Like the day prior, every person was still very much on their zip line, or at least, in the motion of connecting to it… but the day prior, everyone was in the “middle” of my visual scope of the zip line… yesterday… not so.  Most everyone was almost to the farthest reaches of the west area.  But with an added twist from the day before.  There was the presence of light behind them.  Indescribable light.  Don’t take that to mean the light looked complex, not at all… it was the depth of energy, the aliveness beyond the visual that left me without any words.

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can’t wait to view these …..

Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission

Archangel Michael – Wayshowers Will Become the Guiding Light for Many of You in the Next Couple Weeks Debbie Erasmus – December 9th, 2012

During the next couple weeks until the last Ascension portal opens on 30.12.12, there will be help among you in the form of Angels and Ascended Masters.  They will guide you to help those that are meant to ascend at this time. All we ask is that you follow this guidance and spread the Light the Wayshowers have left with you.

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Hello dear ones, I come before you today, on this auspicious day, one of many to come. I beseech you to Be with and gather all you can of Creator’s Divine Love, to absorb it and sift it and spread it through your Heart and out to all your fellow Beings and the Earth Mother.

Oh, these are glorious days, where you have such an opportunity to lift your spirits to untold heights, dear ones. The energies are building and showering you. Stop and be still many times in the day and welcome it, for this is your opportunity for complete transformation. Yes, you have heard this, but we want to be sure that the next eleven days have your complete attention.

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